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Lost in Shangri-La: Escape from a Hidden World (Paperback)

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May 2011
May 13, 1945. Twenty-four U.S. soldiers stationed in Dutch New Guinea pack into a C-47 for a sightseeing trip over a lush, mysterious, newly discovered valley. Unable to navigate the dense tropical clouds and steep mountain faces, the pilot crashes the plane deep in uncharted jungle. Only three injured passengers, including a WAC, survive. How they attempt to save themselves while caught between Japanese troops and hostile headhunters, what happens when they encounter a Stone Age tribe that had never seen white men or women, and how they are finally rescued is at the heart of this amazing true story. -- Lisa Howorth, Square Books, Oxford, MS


Product Details ISBN-10: 0007410956
ISBN-13: 9780007410958
Published: HarperCollins Publishers, 03/01/2012
Language: English