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The Tooth of Time: A Maxine and Stretch Mystery (Mass Market Paperback)

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She's the Winnebago-driving, pistol-packing sixty-something-year-old-and she's back, with her mini-Dachshund Stretch. She's Maxie McNabb-and criminals from the frigid Iditarod Trail to the scorching Southwest had better beware. This time, before leaving New Mexico's lovely warmth, Maxie sets out to turn one on-edge town back into a peaceful pueblo.

Praise for The Tooth of Time: A Maxine and Stretch Mystery…

Maxie is terrific in her latest will want to hitch a ride. (Midwest Book Review)

The most refreshingly original protagonist to come along in years. (Rick Riordan)

Irresistible. (Earlene Fowler)

Product Details ISBN-10: 0451412370
ISBN-13: 9780451412379
Published: NAL, 04/03/2007
Pages: 288
Language: English