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Wings Over the Alaska Highway: A Photographic History of Aviation on the Alaska Highway (Paperback)

Wings Over the Alaska Highway: A Photographic History of Aviation on the Alaska Highway Cover Image
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WINGS OVER THE ALASKA HIGHWAY is a quality photographic history of aviation's role in the development of the Alaska Highway. It includes stories on resourceful Bush pilots, chapters on the key airports along the highway, Russian-American Lend Lease Program, and the Million Dollar Valley (where an entire flight of B-26 planes crash-landed and all survived).

About the Author

Bruce McAllister, born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1946, is a writer of fantasy and science fiction known primarily for his short fiction. Over the years his short stories have appeared in the major fantasy and science fiction magazines, theme anthologies, college readers and year s best anthologies, including Best American Short Stories 2007, guest-edited by Stephen King. His first novel was Humanity Prime, published by Ace Books in Terry Carr s Ace Specials series. His second novel, Dream Baby (Tor, 1988), was based on the Hugo, Nebula and Locus-finalist novelette of the same name. He was away from writing in the 90 s, and returned to the field in 2003. His short story Kin was a 2006 Hugo finalist; in 2007 Golden Gryphon Press published a career-spanning collection of his short science fiction, The Girl Who Loved Animals and Other Stories. He lives in Costa Mesa, California with his wife, choreographer Amelie Hunter.

Peter Corley-Smith (1923-2002) is best known for his books on British Columbia's aviation history, including Barnstorming to Bush Flying: British Columbia's Aviation Pioneers 1910-1930 and Helicopters: The British Columbia Story (with Dave Parker).
Product Details
ISBN: 9780963881779
ISBN-10: 0963881779
Publisher: Roundup Press
Publication Date: February 2001
Pages: 208
Language: English