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Alaska at 50: The Past, Present, and Future of Alaska Statehood (Hardcover)

Alaska at 50: The Past, Present, and Future of Alaska Statehood Cover Image
By Gregory W. Kimura (Editor)
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In 2009 Alaska celebrates its fiftieth anniversary of U.S. statehood. To commemorate that milestone, "Alaska"" at 50" brings together some of today's most noteworthy and recognizable writers and researchers to address the past, present, and future of Alaska. Divided into three overarching sections art, culture, and humanities; law, economy, and politics; and environment, people, and place "Alaska"" at 50" is written in highly accessible prose. Illustrations and photographs of significant artefacts of Alaska history enliven the text. Each contributor brings a strong voice and prescription for the next fifty years, and the resulting work presents Alaskans and the nation with an overview of Alaska statehood and ideas for future development.

About the Author

Gregory W. Kimura is president and CEO of the Alaska Humanities Forum. He lives in Anchorage.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781602230613
Publisher: University of Alaska Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2009
Pages: 264