Local Authors

Robert H. Armstrong Peggy McKee Barnhill
Annie Boochever James W. Brooks
Jeff Brown J. Kevin Burchfield
Dick Callahan Stuart Archer Cohen
Cathy Connor Bjorn Dihle
Alexander B. Dolitsky Mike Doogan
Eowyn Ivey Ed Ferrell
Eric Forrer Toby Harbanuk
Ernestine Hayes Kim Heacox
Marjorie Hermans Katherine Hocker
Ishmael Hope Sarah Crawford Isto
Nick Jans Seth Kantner
Mark Kelley Jim King
Mary Lou King Houston Laws
Heather Lende Hank Lentfer
Mandy R. Lindeberg Jim Mackovjak
Rie Munoz Flip Nicklin
Ginny Palmer Richard Ritter
Joseph Robertia Jean Rogers
Lynn Schooler Dana Stabenow
Richard Stokes John Straley
Kate Troll Ray Troll
Miriam Wagoner Mary F. Willson
Evon Zerbetz

This page is incomplete. 

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