Doogan, Mike

Mike Doogan

Mike Doogan has been called "the columnist Alaskans love to hate." A third-generation native of the state, he lives in Anchorage and spends part of the year in Juneau as a Representative in the State House.

He was a journalist for thirty years, the last fourteen as a columnist for th Anchorage Daily News, where he shared the 1989 Pulitzer Prize. His first mystery story, "War Can Be Murder," won the 2003 Robert L. Fish Award from the Mystery Writers of America.

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Published: Berkley - August 7th, 2007

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Nik Kane struggles with a killer from his past in this latest entry in the Shamus Award-nominated series. pr> Twenty years ago, Alaska was a different place, rougher and more violent. Danny Shirtleff was the kind of cop needed to keep the lid on Anchorage, never afraid to mix it up. His luck ran out on a muddy road next to Skeleton Lake. Two bullets in the back of the head took care of Danny, and landed fledgling detective Nik Kane with the first big case of his career. He never expected that it would take twenty years to untangle the threads that made up the dead police officer's life.

Two decades later and Nik has been badly injured in pursuit of his latest case. Something about this experience starts him thinking about the Danny Shirtleff mystery that has haunted him for years. Physically unable to take on a new assignment, Nik is determined to keep himself occupied by reexamining the evidence in this cold case. But cold cases can heat up. And Nik is about to get burned.

"Doogan...shows that there is new territory to be staked in this genre and that some authors can provide a slam-dunk ending in an understated, unique fashion..." - Library Journal

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Published: Berkley - August 4th, 2009

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Pick up your copy now complete with a map of Nik Kane's Juneau!

Detective Nik Kane investigates a deadly mystery at Alaska's political heart. The second in a new series from the author of Lost Angel.

"Succeeds as both a hardboiled detective story and a softhearted romance...A page-turning noir...that satisfies on many levels." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review) A beautiful young woman is found strangled in the office of an Alaskan state senator. Standing over her dead body is gifted young legislator Matthew Hope. Before this unfortunate event, he was the most promising native Alaskan politician in the state. Now he's facing serious time, and he's not talking to anyone. In desperation, a mysterious, wealthy patron hires Nik Kane, disgraced ex-cop, to investigate the crime. What Kane discovers is a political culture corrupted by the influence of oil and big money. At the core is a secret so great that Kane may have to pay for it with something more precious than his soul.

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By Mike Doogan (Editor)
ISBN: 9780945397946
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Published: Epicenter Press - April 1st, 2001

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By Mike Doogan, Michael Carey (Editor)
ISBN: 9780972494458
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Published: Epicenter Press - October 1st, 2003

How to Speak Alaskan Cover Image
By Mike Doogan (Editor)
ISBN: 9780945397243
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Published: Epicenter Press - February 1st, 1993

Our Alaska: Personal Stories About Life in the North Cover Image
By Mike Doogan (Editor)
ISBN: 9780945397984
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Published: Epicenter Press - May 1st, 2001

Fashion Means Your Fur Hat is Dead: A Guide to Good Manners and Social Survival in Alaska Cover Image
ISBN: 9780945397540
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Published: Epicenter Press - August 1st, 1996