SKU: 9780998129006

Art by:

Luna Ewing

Bridget Gehring

Roxy Symons

Poetry by:

Bob Fagen


A Spring 2016 exhibit of student artworks at Juneau International Ariport included three pieces by dancers from the studio at which I take classes.  I wrote three ekphrastic poems - poems based on a specific work of art - about the students' artworks.  Our book extends an artistic collaboration that began in class, in rehearsal and on stage at Juneau Dance Theatre.

Our theme is convergence, an idea that makes perfect sense today in a world where connections have become primary.  Research on the mind and brain suggests that minds, like the universes and ecologies, are hyperconnected.  The enso Zentangle of this book's cover is just such a reflective tangle.  It ascends and twists back on itself to return to its beginning.  The same pattern occurs in a ballet renverse, a close-knit family and a raven playing on the wind.  Play and creativity are the shuttles of this enchanted loom.

-Bob Fagen

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