Wilderness Blues (Trade Paperback)

SKU: 9781934635001
Botts, Tom

by Botts, T. B.


Alaska attracts all manner of people, adventurers, nature lovers, entrepreneurs and criminals. It also appeals to those who are trying to escape the influences of the modern day world. This book is about such a group and the hardships they faced as they tried to carve out a life in the wilderness of Southeast Alaska, all under the teachings of a self-proclaimed prophet. Grandmothers and babies, musicians, a banker, a baby food salesman and others all worked together to create a home in the last frontier. When Mother Nature and human nature collide, the results can be volatile. This is one man’s perspective of life on an end-time farm.

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Publisher : Good Catch Publishing
Published : 10/25/2007
Format : Trade Paperback 
ISBN-10 : 1934635006
ISBN-13 : 9781934635001

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