A Year in Alaska: A Subscription Box

A place of breathtaking beauty, unfathomable adventure, and untold danger. 

Loved, lived in, survived, and fought for by people inspiring, heroic, and human. 

Read its story.

This place we call Alaska.

A Year in Alaska is a subscription box for Alaska books. Every quarter a box will arrive at your door containing 3 hand selected, recently published Alaska books*, and a locally printed art card featuring art by an Alaskan artist. That’s 12 books* in 4 boxes! A total value of almost $300!

You can get one for an adventure loving friend or family member, or just splurge for your own bookshelf.  You get to feel great about supporting a locally owned independent bookstore.  Not to mention, keeping up with the latest Alaskana! 

We know everyone has their own preferences, and we will strive for a broad and diverse selection.  You will receive books on Alaska history, novels set in Alaska, memoirs by Alaskans, books on nature and science, story collections, hair raising adventures, Aviation, Dog Sledding, Native culture and art, glorious photo books, and much more! You’ll even get a gorgeous wall calendar in your 4th quarter box.

Your quarterly box will be shipped via USPS media mail dirrect to your door.  All shipping and handling costs are included in the $250 price.

*The 4th Quarter box will contain a wall calendar by an Alaskan Photographer in place of one of the books.