Attending Alaska's Birds: A Wildlife Pilot's Story (new edition)

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By: James G. (Jim) King

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Attending Alaska's Birds is Juneau author, Jim King's 60 year memoir. It covers a dramatic period in Alaska's history, a time when the people increased five-fold to over 600 thousand. King arrived in Alaska in 1949 at the age of 21. He describes life as a pilot/game warden, a refuge manager, a flyway biologist and an expert at enumerating birds while whizzing over them in a small plane.

The story covers a series of accomplishments: Learning to fly in northern Alaska - Game law enforcement for the pre-statehood Alaska Game Commission - Banding 15 thousand ducks to assess a possible cost of the proposed Rampart Canyon Dam on the Yukon River - Establishing the first headquarters for the enormous Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge at the Eskimo village of Bethel - Flying the annual survey to provide a forecast for the number of ducks expected to be available for Pacific coast hunters each fall - Providing the first description of the one million seabirds that nest at Cape Newenham resulting in designation of a new National Wildlife Refuge - The first valid estimate of the number of Bald Eagles threatened by logging on Southeast Alaska's convoluted coast - Drafting the plan that resulted in 7 new waterfowl refuges covering 22 million acres - Planning and managing the first complete census of Alaska's Trumpeter Swans and - Experiences rearing rare waterfowl species on the edge of Juneau's tide flats.

This is a compelling narrative about Alaskan life, conservation issues, wild bird habits, history, geography, and personal adventure.

Price: $29.95