No Right Way to do a Wrong Thing (Paperback)

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Val Timmons has almost everything she wants. Her career as a psychiatrist couldn't be better. Her husband Kurt is building a thriving real estate brokerage. But her biological clock is ticking, and he keeps sweet-talking her into hitting the snooze button, promising that they'll have a family soon. Val is doing her best to handle the strain this puts on their marriage--that is, until the day Kurt's mistress shows up on their doorstep eight months pregnant with his child.

Now Kurt is trying to buy time to right his wrongs before more of them come to light and cause him to lose Val altogether. But pointing the finger at Kurt is not a luxury Val can afford because he's not the only one with a surprise. Val has already conceived the baby she so desperately wants.

In the end, they both learn that when you move heaven and earth to get what you want, you'd better be prepared for all hell to break loose

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ISBN: 9780986314919
ISBN-10: 0986314919
Publisher: Allen Creative Group
Publication Date: April 20th, 2018
Pages: 248
Language: English