Stars Over Panama: : The McGrew Adventures (Paperback)

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Panama has always been the land bridge between North and South America. In 1914 with the completion of the Panama Canal it also became the water bridge between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. And it was to the Canal Zone that John McGrew, Sr. (hereafter referred to as Dad to avoid confusion) was sent in the 1950's and again in the 1960's. During his first tour of duty there, his first child, Cathy, was born. During his second tour, his fourth child, John, Jr. was born. Fast forward half a century and the McGrews begin planning a return trip to the place of Cathy and John's birth, and of many years of family memories. Initial consideration is given to inviting some of Dad's older grandchildren, but for various reasons that is decided against. The group is soon finalized: It consists of Dad and his wife Marilyn, daughter Cathy and her husband Dan, daughter Cindy and her husband Kyle, daughter Cheryl, and the "baby", John (now almost 42). And, of course, our stuffed friend, Horsey (but his story is told elsewhere). This is the story of our adventure, including many historical notes on Panama.

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