Blockchain: An Illustrated Guidebook to Understanding Blockchain (Hardcover)

Blockchain: An Illustrated Guidebook to Understanding Blockchain By Xu Mingxing, Ying Tian Cover Image

Blockchain: An Illustrated Guidebook to Understanding Blockchain (Hardcover)


“The popularization of the Blockchain concept and successful application of Blockchain require an active engagement of the new generation of entrepreneurs and the tolerance and care of supervisors….I hope we can work together to lay a solid foundation for the Blockchain society.”—Wang Wei, Chairman, China Finance Museum, from his Foreword

Blockchain should be easy to understand, but the so-called “experts” always explain it in such a complicated way! Through 200 original illustrations, this book provides simple explanation of Blockchain technology: what Blockchain is and how it works. This book will help you, understand everything about Blockchain. The Table of Contents includes:
  • The Origin,
  • The Theory,
  • The People,
  • The Application,
  • Th Equipment.

Topics cover include finance, internet management, energy, government, copyright, and more. The Appendix offers additional material, including, “What Is It Like to Be a COOO in a Blockchain Startup?” and “It Might Take 100 Picassos to Help You Understand the Abstract Nature of Blockchain.”

This is essential reading for everyone in the field, or thinking of getting into the high stakes world of Blockchain.
Star Xu is the president of OK blockchain engineering academy, the vice president of the global blockchain business council in china, the chairman of china block chain application research center, and former CTO of and development engineer of Yahoo.

Ying Tian is the director of the OK blockchain capital. Previously, Tian served on the board of many listed companies including, Elong and Shanghai Zendai group, before co-founding the Financial Technology Enterprise.

Jiyue Li is the chief researcher of OK blockchain engineering academy. Li previously served in many listed companies, such as and

Jie Liu is the chief scientist of OK blockchain engineering academy, and is the leading expert in computer viruses and network security in China. He is the former national network security adviser to the Chinese government.
Product Details ISBN: 9781510744844
ISBN-10: 1510744843
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: November 27th, 2018
Pages: 256
Language: English