Bear Attacks of the Century: True Stories of Courage and Survival (Paperback)

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Do bear attacks touch people in the far-back recesses of their psyches? Reach latent ancestral memories of cave days when humans were potential prey? Indeed, there are those who say their nightmares involved bears before they ever saw one, either in the flesh or in the movies. Unfortunately, these nightmares all too often come true. People perform almost superhuman feats in their fight to survive bear attacks. Jim Marriott, for instance, was attacked and mauled by a grizzly while carving out a moose head. When playing dead didn't work, he slammed his skinning knife into the attacker's neck. The surprised bear backed off only to charge again, cut his tongue trying to bite at the knife, and got the knife sunk into the same place. By the third charge, Marriott was on his feet despite chewed buttocks and damaged legs. This time the bear left with the knife still sticking in his neck. "In bear attacks, the human survival instinct is extraordinary," says a doctor who sees the terrible punishment victims of bear attacks live through. "And equally amazing are the heroics and seemingly superhuman efforts of those around the victims." BEAR ATTACKS OF THE CENTURY gathers together these stories of courage, chronicling the most horrific encounters between bears and people. With expert advice on avoiding attacks and information that may help both species leave an encounter unscathed, this book is required reading for hikers, hunters, campers, or anyone visiting bear country, and those who want to learn more about these sometimes deadly but always fascinating animals.

About the Author

Larry Mueller, hunting dog editor at Outdoor Life, has written numerous articles, as well as Speed Train Your Own Retriever. Marguerite Reiss is an outdoor writer who has contributed to Reader's Digest, Outdoor Life, and Guideposts.

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ISBN: 9781592282708
ISBN-10: 1592282709
Publisher: Lyons Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2005
Pages: 192
Language: English