My Confederate Cousin (Hardcover)

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My Confederate Cousin is the true story of an American Negro who fought for the South during the Civil War. Author Robert Broome Jr. writes about the part his ancestor played during this era of American history. "My cousin, Basil Dawson, was a black Confederate soldier born in Poolesville, Maryland. As a soldier in the Confederate States Army, Basil killed Federal soldiers alongside his white father and half brother, who also fought for the CSA. Following the War, Basil returned home to relatives who were unhappy with him because he had fought for the South. Even today, the family remains divided because Basil served with the Confederacy." Thomas Andrew (Wellington) Dawson, Basil's grandfather, was the second son of Winfred Wellington, a descendent of the Duke of Wellington. Thomas changed his last name to Dawson to join the Massachusetts Infantry Army. Thomas, the father of Basil Dawson, lost his first wife and baby during childbirth, but later had an affair with a black servant who gave birth to Basil. Not raised as a slave, Basil was educated and could speak Latin and French. His skin appeared as white as his half brother's. They both grew up on the Wellington family plantation, built prior to the American Revolution in Poolesville, Maryland. About the Author: Robert Broome currently resides in King George, Virginia, and works for the Federal government. He wrote this book because "everyone should know the truth about the Civil War and the blacks who fought on both sides." Publisher's website: http: //

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