Spacy and Santa Save Christmas (Hardcover)

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The children, Susie Q, (has one leg and desires a wooden leg), Jimmy, (who wants his dad to come home from the Army), and Stan (who is an orphan and wants a family to love) all meet each other at the toy store that is going out of business. They are overwhelmed when they see and find a message in a snow globe. This is where the astounding "wow" of the amazing Spacy is introduced. Spacy, a clumsy but cute little worm feller, changes colors with his moods, has special powers, and is there always to help and serve another. He is the hero and brings a new saying to earth, "Yppah Eb Dna Guh," which you will learn in the pages of this book. The children ask Spacy if he can help them save Christmas. Spacy makes arrangements with his friend Dreamaker (beautiful butterfly) to bring the children to Santa's workshop, where Santa and Spacy discuss a solution to save Christmas. One of the most wonderful things about Christmas is a touching Christmas story. You will be astonished watching the children being bullied by the rich kid and his gang and the strength that comes to them as they stand with firmness of their purpose in wanting to save Christmas. The desire is so great on doing a good thing that determination brings out their strength. I believe you will enjoy the excitement and thrill of the intriguing way Spacy's powers remind everyone of the important things in life and encourages us to be more kind and give of ourselves. The joy of giving the gift of oneself is more important than the children could imagine as they smile and whistle while helping. That magical feeling at Christmas time is known to all, the lights, music of carollers singing, snow-topped mountains, the touch of a snowflake on your nose, presents under the tree, a gift left at your door, smell of delicious cookies baking, a cheery smile from across the way, and that unbelievable feeling that comes over you as you too are caught in the joy of that Christmas spirit. The children find that a "gift of yourself" is the best gift of all and that miracles can happen. As the children mentioned in the Spacy and Santa Save Christmas story, people too, of all ages have the opportunity to experience the joy in the Magic of Christmas.

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ISBN: 9781645150596
ISBN-10: 1645150593
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: February 21st, 2019
Pages: 54
Language: English