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This time it’s 1984—for real. 

Sidney McDaniel is an undercover computer forensic expert. Operating in the darkest corners of the web, his job is busting corporate hackers—the Russians, the Chinese—or whomever. 

Suddenly, Sidney’s life becomes an Orwellian nightmare when his cover is blown by an online cult that wants to recruit him, and the FBI, which wants him to be a double agent. Sidney is caught between the two powerful camps vying for control of the cyber profiles of every citizen in the world—their personal data, preferences, contacts—everything. When he grows close to a cult member deeply dedicated to the group’s WikiLeaks-type mission and infiltrates the very heart of the US government’s surveillance complex at the National Security Agency (NSA), Sidney finds himself at the core of the ongoing struggle between data mining and data privacy, computer encryption and open code, the PATRIOT Act and the Fourth Amendment, national security and individual freedom. 

As Sidney maneuvers between the anarchist agenda of the Dark Web cyber cult and the mechanisms of the Big Brother police state, he must answer for himself the fundamental questions of the Digital Age: 

Is privacy dead? Are we doomed to a real-life 1984? Or is there a way to freedom? 

About the Author

Frank Miniter is an author and investigative journalist. He is the author of The New York Times bestseller The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide—Recovering the Lost Art of Manhood. His other books include This Will Make a Man Out of You and Saving the Bill of Rights. Miniter is a contributor to Forbes and writes for publications from National Review to America’s 1st Freedom

Praise For…

"Frank Miniter has written a cyber-thriller that packs a political punch—an intrigue-filled tale that proves once again that fiction can warn us about the future."
— Rich Lowry, editor of National Review

"Kill Big Brother is a 21st-century action-adventure with a machine gun pace! Read the first 10 pages and you won't be able to put it down. This is a fast-paced modern thriller with very real electronic eavesdropping revelations that will keep you awake at night. Move over Orwell, Frank Miniter has just penned the modern day 1984!"
— Scott McEwen, #1 New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of American Sniper and the Nationally Bestselling Sniper Elite Series of novels

"We are told we need to give up privacy for security. We are told technology has killed privacy anyway. Many are now giving in to these false premises. Frank Miniter's present-day Winston Smith, a new and bold hero, refuses to give in. In the throes of a thrilling ride he finds the very thing we've been searching for. Read Kill Big Brother and you'll know too."
— Keith Korman, author of End Time, Eden: The Animals' Parable, and other novels

"It has always been a privilege for me to read Frank Miniter."
— Avik Roy, opinion editor for Forbes

"At a moment when government is expanding and individual liberties are up for debate, Frank Miniter has written a riveting defense of freedom."
— Pratik Chougule, executive editor of The American Conservative

"Kill Big Brother is a brilliant account of ordeal by cyber terror. Open it and you won't want to put it down. When you do, you'll know how we can keep our freedom in this digital age."
— Stephen Hunter, bestselling author of the Bob Lee Swagger Series of thrillers, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic

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