Of Course It's a Big Deal: A Story about Learning to React Calmly and Appropriately Volume 3 (Executive Function #3) (Paperback)

When children don't get what they want or expect, they often get upset and angry.

Reacting calmly and appropriately during these times is an important skill for children to learn and use to be successful at home, school, and with others.

Braden brings the drama to every minor misunderstanding and annoyance in his life What was supposed to be a carefree afternoon of go-cart racing and putt-putt golfing quickly turns sour when Braden shouts and pouts about the rules.

When homework interferes with Braden's plans, he overreacts again, and makes things even more difficult on himself. But Mom and Dad are there to teach Braden the best way to react calmly.

Will Braden ever learn to keep his cool in the face of disappointment? Will every discouraging moment send him into an emotional meltdown? Find out what lessons are learned in this fast-paced story about the perils of overreacting and losing self-control. This is Bryan Smith's third title in the Executive Function series.

Tips for parents and educators are included at the end to help set children up for success by reacting calmly and appropriately when upset or angry.

The series also includes:
    • What Were You Thinking?
    • My Day Is Ruined
    • It Was Just Right Here
    • Time To Get Started
    • What's The Problem
    • How Did You Miss That?
    • I'll Never Get All of That Done
    • Fix It with Focus
    • How Do I Remember All That?
Bryan Smith has worked in the education field for more than 15 years, first as an elementary school teacher then as a school counselor. He excels at teaching students life skills that will take them far and help them succeed. Bryan is a children's book author whose authored the popular Executive FUNction children's book series which won the Counselor's Choice Award. This series was reviewed by Licensed Mental Health Therapists who chose it for Recognition of Quality in the Field.
Product Details ISBN: 9781944882112
ISBN-10: 1944882111
Publisher: Boys Town Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2017
Pages: 31
Language: English
Series: Executive Function