Time to Get Started!: A Story about Learning to Take Initiative and Get Thinks Donevolume 5 (Executive Function #5) (Paperback)

Blake generally has a good time... until someone interrupts him and tells him he needs to do something RIGHT NOW

He doesn't understand why he has to clean his room THIS SECOND And he'd much rather be doing ANYTHING than learning multiplication.

Blake's mom steps in and helps him see that not all tasks are hard or boring - sometimes he can find a fun way to accomplish a chore of he looks hard enough. She also teaches him an important skill that her father taught her when she was young - the steps to taking initiative. Blake learns questions to ask himself about why he doesn't want to do something, and what he needs to do to get started right away and complete the task.

Will Blake be able to take initiative at school and at home?

Time to Get Started is another engaging title in the Executive Function series. that inspires children in grades K through 5 to be flexible, organized, and resourceful. True to the author's style, this story offers an entertaining lesson on taking initiative.

Tips for parents and educator to help children overcome procrastination are included at the end of the storybook.

The series also includes:
    • What Were You Thinking?
    • My Day Is Ruined
    • It Was Just Right Here
    • Of Course It's a Big Deal
    • What's The Problem
    • How Did You Miss That?
    • I'll Never Get All of That Done
    • Fix It with Focus
    • How Do I Remember All That?
Bryan Smith has worked in the education field for more than 15 years, first as an elementary school teacher then as a school counselor. He excels at teaching students life skills that will take them far and help them succeed. Bryan is a children's book author whose authored the popular Executive FUNction children's book series which won the Counselor's Choice Award. This series was reviewed by Licensed Mental Health Therapists who chose it for Recognition of Quality in the Field.
Product Details ISBN: 9781944882310
ISBN-10: 1944882316
Publisher: Boys Town Press
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2018
Pages: 31
Language: English
Series: Executive Function