General Information Concerning Independent Bookstores

How does Hearthside calculate prices for the books that they sell, and why is it higher than places like Amazon or Costco?

Retail prices for books are determined by the publisher and are then printed on the books themselves.  Even at full price, the profit margin on books is one of the lowest in the retail industry, which means that booksellers have to sell more books than say, souvenir shops need to sell t-shirts to make the same profit.  Online retailers and large stores can afford to sell books below the printed price because they sell at a much higher volume, or don't have to rely on the profit from books with the many other products that they sell. Online retailers also don't have to manage a physical storefront or all of its associated expenses.

Why should I support my local bookstore?

When you purchase locally, more of your money stays in the community.  Not only that but you'll be directly supporting the many services that a brick and mortar bookstore provides. 

For example:

  • a variety of great events and programs (i.e. book release parties, author presentations and signings, Galley Rally) that are not only fun and interesting, but also support local authors.
  • A helpful staff that loves to answer questions and give recommendations.
  • The opportunity to spend some time physically browsing through the shelves for your next great read, and actually handle the books before you purchase them. 


We truly appreciate the support we receive from the community of Juneau, it is because of you that we can say that we've been serving Juneau's readers for over 40 years!

General Information Concerning Hearthside Books & Toys

What are your hours?

Nugget Mall Hours; We are Open Monday through Friday 10-7PM. Saturday 10-6pm Sunday 12-5pm

Merchant’s Wharf Hours; We are Open Monday through Saturday 11-6PM. We are Closed on Sundays.

You can contact the Nugget Mall at 907-789-2750 or our Merchants Wharf at 907-586-1726 with any questions!

Do you sell used books?

Hearthside Books & Toys is a new bookstore, we do not sell used books.

Do you sell maps?

We do carry maps. We keep a collection of Inside Passage and Alaska maps (including USGS) in stock. We also carry road atlases and travel guides, including the Milepost. Unfortunately, we do not stock nautical charts.. 

Are you associated with the Hearthside Books in the Nugget Mall? ...Downtown?

Both locations of Hearthside Books are owned by Olga Lijo Serans. The staff go back and forth, the stock goes back and forth. For all intents and purposes, they are the same store in every way but geographically. In fact, they are so interconnected, that our inventory system doesn't differentiate between the two.

Can you tell if the book I'm looking for is at your other location?

Our inventory system is shared between both stores, which means that whenever we look up an item and see that the inventory shows one on hand, the only way to know which store that item is at, is to physically search the shelves.

How can I get a job at Hearthside Books?

Drop off a resume at either store, and we'll make sure it gets to the right person. All employees start at the Nugget Mall store.

I'm a local author and I don't see my name on your list of local authors.  How do I get on the list?

Email a current bio, picture, and a list of your books that are currently in print to tech@hearthsidebooks.com.

Concerning Special Orders

May I preorder a book with you?

Yes, please!  We love preorders! They take some of the guesswork out of trying to buy things Juneau wants to read.  You can place a preorder in the store, or on the website, just let us know that you are aware of your book's due date (or else we'll call and doublecheck that you know your book won't be in for a couple months) and we'll give you a call when it comes in to remind you that it exists.  You can preorder board games, too.

What if Hearthside doesn't have the book I want in stock?

We would love to special order your book for you! We can order most anything that is still in print. Don't be frightened by the term, Special Order, it's just Hearthside lingo for "book we are ordering for a particular customer". 

You can contact the Nugget Mall at 907-789-2750 or our Merchants Wharf at 907-586-1726 with any questions!

How long will it take for my special order to get in?

Most special orders take about 10-14 days from order placement to book arrival. Gift, toy, and game special orders will take longer.

Is it more expensive to special order a book?

A special order doesn't cost you any more than if you had picked the book up off the shelf; we pay the shipping to Juneau and we'll give you a call when it arrives.

How much does Hearthside love special orders?

We love special orders!  We love that it makes us feel like we're providing a service to the community, and that the community cares enough about having a real bookstore around to order from us.  Special orders can also alert us to great new books that we may have missed while flipping through publisher catalogues.

I'm trying to order books for my school/organization/government agency.  Can I order through Hearthside?  What does that cost?  Who do I contact?

We are happy to order for educators, organizations, and agencies. We offer a discount to schools and teachers, and for volume orders.  Email orders@hearthsidebooks.com for more information.

Concerning Events

I'm an author and I would like to have a signing/give a presentation at Hearthside.  Who do I contact?

Contact Olga (the owner) directly: hearthside@hearthsidebooks.com or (907)789-2164. Or you can email tech@hearthsidebooks.com  Please contact us at least 3 weeks before any proposed event date.

Will Hearthside sell books at my event?

You may see us around town selling books at events put on by other organizations.  If you would like us to sell books at your event, send an email to hearthside@hearthsidebooks.com at least 3 weeks before the event. (earlier if the books you would like us to sell are published by a University Press)

Every 2nd Saturday at our Nugget Mall location we have an event called Galley Rally.


Concerning Tickets

What events are you currently selling tickets for?

We do not sell tickets currently at this time.

Can I sell tickets for my event at Hearthside?

We currently do not sell tickets at this time.


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