Hearthside's Book Group Program

Order your book group selections from Hearthside!

Save 20%, let us pay the shipping, and enter to win a $25 Hearthside Gift Certificate!

Designate one person in your group to place an order for three or more copies of the same title.

You can place your order with any Hearthside Books Employee—in person or over the phone—with the following information.

- Book title, author, and edition (if applicable)

- Where your book group members would like to pick up their books (i.e. 4 at the Nugget Mall and 2 Downtown).

- The planned discussion date for the book.

Most orders arrive within two weeks.

We will notify the designated order-er to contact their fellow book group members as soon as the books arrive.

Individual members can then come to their preferred Hearthside location to pick up their book.

Ask for the book at the counter—it will be held under the order-er’s name.

Purchase your book at a 20% discount AND enter to win a $25 Gift Certificate.


Stumped on finding that great book group read? 

Check out the Book Group Recommendations from other book group members! 

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