Juneau Gold Belt: A History of the Mines and Miners

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By: Earl Redman

Contents: Dedication; Foreword; The empty pocket; Introduction; History of the Juneau Gold Belt; Discovery; John Treadwell's mine; The 1890s; The first decade of the 1900s; Great expansion and disaster; Before and after World War II; A resurgence in the 1980s; Acknowledgements; The big mines; The mines at Treadwell; Ready Bullion, Mexican, 700, and Treadwell; In the beginning; The Alaska Mining and Milling Company; Chinese miners run out of town; The Alaska Treadwell Gold Mining Company; Building the big mills at the Treadwell, Mexican, Ready Bullion, and 700; Robbery at the chlorination plant; Two bad months at the Treadwell Mines; More construction; The best years, 1900-1910; Frederick Bradley comes to power; The Mexican fire of 1901; The Amalgam thieves; Strikes and violence; Power improvements; More accidents and "A most marvelous feat of engineering"; Rumbles down deep and hints of trouble; The terrible blast down in the Mexican; Fred Bradley gives new leadership; The Nugget Creek power project; Thane tries a takeover; The beginning of the end; The mines die; The roof falls in, April 21-22, 1917; The Ready Bullion mines deeper; A fire destroys Treadwell; The Perseverance Mine; The Gold Mountain Mining Company; The Alaska Eastern Mining and Milling Company; A road into Silver Bow Basin; Juneau Mining and Manufacturing Company; The Alaska Perseverance Mining Company; The Alexander Crosscut; The suit of Pearce versus Sutherland; The Silver Bow Basin Railroad; The Perseverance Mill begins operations; The Alaska Gastineau Mining Company; The end of Sutherland's Reign and the entrance of Bart Thane; The Alaska Gold Mines Company; Thane takes over; The Sheep Creek tunnel; The Perseverance Mill destroyed by fire; The Stampless Mill; The Salmon Creek Dam and Sheep Creek Tunnel; The Annex Lake Hydroelectric Project; Premonitions of doom; The Alaska Gastineau shuts down; Pulp mills, paper mills, fertilizer plants; The big mines merge; The Alaska Juneau Mine; etc, etc.

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