Brown, Jeff

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is Alaska's Commissioner of Mirth, as appointed by Governor Frank Murkowski. He also served as Minister of Merriment for Governor Knowles and Balloonist Laureate for Governor Hickel. Somehow these titles make him think he is qualified to write The Alaska Joke Book for Kids, but he wrote it anyway. Working with other funny people, he co-compiled On The Road To Tok, featuring black and white images from humorous Alaska postcards in the mid-1980's (No one could afford color then.). As host of the weekly public radio show, "We Like Kids!" Brown has also compiled three books of children's music and one of stories for GoodYearBooks. He is the author of two maze & puzzle books about Alaska, and one each for Michigan, Colorado, and Washington. As a magician, he has authored The Sherlock Holmes Book of Magic and Crayon Magic.