Dolitsky, Alexander B.

Alexander B. Dolitsky

Alexander B. Dolitsky received an M.A. in history from Kiev Pedagogical Institute, Ukraine in 1976 and an M.A. in anthropology and archaeology from Brown University, USA in 1983. He has done altogether about 30 field studies, in various areas of the former Soviet Union (including Siberia), Central Asia, South America, Europe and the United States (including Alaska) . Dolitsky has been senior laboratory technician at the Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine (1974-1976), research assistant in the Circumpolar Laboratory at Brown University (1980-1983), lecturer in the Russian Center at Bryn Mawr College (1983-1985), U.S. Forest Service archaeologist and social scientist in Alaska (1985-1987). His research interests are the archaeology, ethnography, and ethnohistory of circumpolar regions in the Arctic. He has published extensively in the fields of anthropology, history, archaeology, and ethnography.

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Allies in Wartime is a collection of articles, essays and speeches that together illuminate a remarkable chapter in human history: the Alaska-Siberia Airway during World War II. The distinguished writers found here in include well-known historians, anthropologists, diplomats, and political leaders representing the Untied States, Russia, Great Britain, Canada and France

Alexander Dolitsky and Henry Michael have selected four folktales in which the Siberian tiger is closely associated with the main characters. The Siberian tiger is a native species of the southeastern region of the Russian Far East, and an essential neighbor of the aboriginal people. Sharing the same land with the tiger for many generations, Native inhabitants of the region came to recognize the tiger's dominant presence among wildlife. The tiger is admired for its strength and agility, and feared for its ferociousness. As a central figure in their culture and everyday life, the Siberian tiger is viewed by Natives as an integral part of their universe, belief systems, and code of behavior.

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