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Amy Steffian, Juneau

Amy F. Steffian, M.A., a member of Giinaquq: Like A Face exhibition team, serves as Deputy Director of Kodiak's Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository. A professional archaeologist who joined the museum's staff at its inception, Steffian works to develop education program, create exhibits and publications, and lead anthropological research. Steffian's current research focuses on tracking the changing relationships between fishing, food storage, and settlement in Kodiak prehistory.

Museums Alaska honored Steffian's contributions to the Alutiiq Museum with a career acheivment award in 2005. She holds a masters degree from the University of Michigan.

Giinaquq: Like a Face/Comme Un Visage: Sugpiaq Masks of the Kodiak Archipelago/Les Masques Sugpiat de L'Archipel de Kodiak Cover Image
By Sven D. Haakanson, JR. (Editor), Amy F. Steffian (Editor)
ISBN: 9781602230491
Availability: Special Order
Published: University of Alaska Press - May 2009

Looking Both Ways: Heritage & Identity of the Alutiiq People. Cover Image
By Aron L. Crowell (Editor), Amy F. Steffian (Editor), Gordon L. Pullar (Editor)
ISBN: 9781889963310
Availability: Special Order
Published: University of Washington Press - December 2001