This selection of books explores the history and surroundings of Juneau, Alaska's capital city.

Bear Man of Admiralty Island: A Biography of Allen E. Hasselborg Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780912006819
Published: University of Alaska Press - December 1st, 1996

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Bear Man of Admiralty Island is the life story of a ragged loner and self-taught naturalist who came to southeastern Alaska in 1901 to seek his fortune in the awe-inspiring wilderness but found his destiny instead. In the process, this sturdy Midwesterner learned the skills of a prospector, fisherman, trapper, guide, boatbuilder, and homesteader. At all these things he eventually excelled, but his greatest fame came from his greatest skill: he was a peerless bear hunter. He joined several natural history expeditions and worked for about ten years as a specimen collector and guide. He later guided sportsmen and photographers interested in southeastern's wildlife and majestic natural beauty. As his respect for the great brown bears increased, he lost his interest in killing them, and his experiences inspired conservationists who lobbied to protect Admiralty Island from logging. Hasselborg's keen wit, fierce independence, and eccentric ways attracted much attention during his lifetime. He was an extraordinary man who was in some ways a perfectly ordinary Alaskan of his time, and author Howe reflects on both sides of that character in a balanced, detailed way.

The Fiddlehead Cookbook: Recipes from Alaska's Most Celebrated Restaurant and Bakery Cover Image
ISBN: 9780312098063
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Published: St. Martin's Griffin - August 15th, 1993

Old Yukon: Tales, Trails, and Trials Cover Image
By James Wickersham, Terrence Cole (Introduction by)
ISBN: 9781602230514
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Published: University of Alaska Press - September 15th, 2009

The Blue Bear: A True Story of Friendship and Discovery in the Alaskan Wild Cover Image
ISBN: 9780060935733
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Published: Ecco - May 6th, 2003

With a body twisted by adolescent scoliosis and memories of the brutal death of a woman he loved, Lynn Schooler kept the world at arm's length, drifting through the wilds of Alaska as a commercial fisherman, outdoorsman, and wilderness guide. In 1990, Schooler met Japanese photographer Michio Hoshino, and began a profound friendship cemented by a shared love of adventure and a passionate quest to find the elusive glacier bear, an exceedingly rare creature, seldom seen and shrouded in legend. But only after Hoshino's tragic death from a bear attack does Schooler succeed in photographing the animal -- completing a remarkable journey that ultimately brings new meaning to his life. "The Blue Bear is an unforgettable book. Set amid the wild archipelagoes, deep glittering fjords, and dense primordial forests of Alaska's Glacier Coast, it is rich with the lyric sensibility and stunning prose of such nature classics as Barry Lopez's "Arctic Dreams and Peter Matthiessen's "The Snow Leopard.

The Mendenhall Glacier: Flowing Through Time Cover Image
ISBN: 9780930931506
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Published: Alaska Natural History Association - January 1st, 2003

Travel with two insiders who know every nook, cranny, and crack of one of the most visited and easily accessible glaciers in Alaska. Fed from an icefield high above Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier is a dynamic flowing force, grinding and scouring everything in its path as it carves its way down to the sea. Learn that glaciers cover some 10% of the earth's surface and that Alaska is home to some of the largest in the world; learn how snow, cold and time create a recipe for glacial ice; learn that although they look barren at first glance, glaciers harbor life. This as well as the history, research, and unique facets of Mendenhall Glacier are all included in this beautifully designed book. Katherine Hocker came to Alaska when she was six years old and grew up within sight of Mendenhall Glacier. After college and graduate school she returned to Juneau, where she works as a naturalist, teacher, illustrator, and writer. Hocker is also the author of the award-winning book Frozen in Motion: Alaska's Glaciers. David Job has flown over, skied upon, climbed inside, and crawled under Mendenhall Glacier. He lives in Juneau, and has been photographing Southeast Alaska for more than 20 years.

Passage to Juneau: A Sea and Its Meanings (Vintage Departures) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780679776147
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Published: Vintage - November 7th, 2000

The Inside Passage from Puget Sound to Alaska is turbulent and deep: an ancient, thousand-mile-long sea route rich in dangerous whirlpools, eddies, rips and races. Here flourished the canoe culture of the Northwest Indians, with their fantastic masks and painted boxes and their stories of malign submarine gods and monsters. Here in 1972, came the unhappy British ship Discovery, captained by George Vancouver. The early explorers were quickly followed by fur traders, settlers, missionaries, anthropologists, fishermen, and tourists, each with their own designs on this intricate and haunted sea.

DogStar Cover Image
By Beverley Wood, Chris Wood (Joint Author)
ISBN: 9781896095370
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Published: Polestar Book Publishers - February 1st, 1998

Juneau, Alaska, 1932. This is where thirteen-year-old Jeff Beacon is stranded when his parents take him on a cruise to help him get over the death of his beloved dog, Buddy. The problem: Jeff is a 1990s kid, with laptop computer and hightop sneakers. Why has he been transported in time to the Alaskan frontier? And how can he find his way home? Jeff must answer these questions quickly __ and his only help is the town's Bull Terrier, Patsy Ann.

Juneau (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing)) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781467130721
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Published: Arcadia Publishing (SC) - December 2nd, 2013

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