Alaska's Watchable Whales: Humpback and Killer Whales

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Beedle, Jay
Beedle, Jayleen


by Mark Kelley, Jay & Jayleen Beedle

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"Whales!" comes a cry, and its show time on the wild waters of Alaska. A spurt like a sprinkler's shoots out of the water, then turns to mist and hangs just above the chilly Alaskan sea.

In these waters, two of the world's great wildlife performers star in a wilderness ballet. Nowhere else can on get such a great look at humpbacks, the most active of the great whales, cavorting on the surface and catching air as they feed. Tuxedo-clad orcas or killer whales dazzle with drill-team precision and racetrack speed.

With the photos in this book, Mark Kelley, Jay Beedle, and Jayleen Beedle take you to see Alaska's watchable whales on nature's stage. The accurate and up-to-date text tells the story behind the scenes, and the eight whale tales of true life adventures from the Alaskan wild whale waters make for unbelievable and fun reading.


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Publisher : Mark Kelley
Published : 04/02/2004
Format : Hardcover (Cloth) 
ISBN-10 : 0974405302
ISBN-13 : 9780974405308

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