Once Upon Alaska, A Kid's Photo Book

SKU: 9781880865200


Photos by: Mark Kelley

Rhyming Verse by: Nick Jans


Published: April 2014

56 pages
Size: 7.5 x 10.5 inches
25 color photos – full page spreads

“Won’t you come for a ride with me, there’s room for two-or maybe three.”

Celebrate Alaska, “A land so grand and wide and far…”
Mark Kelley and Nick Jans are at it again, and this time for the kid in all of us!  With beautiful photography and rhyming verse that makes you smile, Mark and Nick express their deep passion for Alaska in a kid book that deserves a place on your coffee table.

“I live on the edge of unbelievable wilderness,” says Mark Kelley, “I love my family and I love kids, so my next book just had to be a kid’s book.”

“I always wanted to write a kids’ book,” says Alaska author Nick Jans. “But it was too scary. Kids are the toughest audience there is.” From early childhood, Jans remembers his parents reading aloud to him and his brothers, everything from Shakespeare to Rudyard Kipling to Dr. Seuss, and says those nightly readings are among his strongest and fondest memories. “I learned to love the sounds of the words, not just the stories they told,” he says. “Writing is meant to be heard, not just seen.” Jans has also written eleven adult books, which he hopes get read aloud now and then. His latest is A Wolf Called Romeo (Available July 2014). Nick, his wife, Sherrie, and their four dogs live in Haines, Alaska, and he travels widely across the state.


“A stunning new book by my friends, photographer Mark Kelley and writer/poet Nick Jans.  A wonderful gift for anybody with kids; a nice reminder that the greatest show on earth isn’t the circus, it’s wild nature. Thank you, Mark and Nick.”  Kim Heacox, Author of “The Only Kayak”

A mix of stunning Alaska photography, witty and descriptive verse, and top-notch design make this book a delightful read for children and adults alike.” Allison Hovanec, Alaska Magazine

“This photographic book takes you on a journey through Alaska’s landscape. Along the way, you meet many of the animals living there as you explore the scenery. The rhyming verse on each page flows smoothly but actually acts as the backdrop to the detailed pictures. The vivid photographs are what truly tell the story of the wildlife and nature in Alaska. In the back of the book they have also included a fun fact section. In this section you can learn about every animal and landform that are pictured in the story as well as learn fun facts about them.” US Review of Books/The Eric Hoffer Award


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