Wagoner, Miriam

Miriam Wagoner

Miriam Wagoner was born in the Philippines. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts major in Economics from the University of the Visayas in Cebu City, Cum Laude. She made Juneau, Alaska her home since 2000. She is the first transitioning survivor to live in Kaasei, the local shelter’s transitional housing that opened in 2015 for women that leave their abusive relationships. Her poetry appeared in Capital City Weekly, Southeast Alaska’s largest distributed community paper. She wrote the poems featured in “A Poem Book From My Kaasei Nook To The World” while living in Kaasei. She looks forward to publishing next her Memoir.

She lives with her daughter and Clove, the Chihuahua-Terrier, Simba, the Siamese cat and Mr. Fishie, the 10-year old gold fish.

She is currently being featured as a "success story" of Alaska Small Business Development Center for taking her creative writing to the next level -  the business of publishing.

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